I feel undervalued/underpaid in my current position - is it time to change jobs?

By Payroll Talent

At Payroll Talent we interview between 5 – 10 Payroll & HRIS Professionals every week. Each and every one of these people have different motivations for seeking a new position.

Common reasons for professionals seeking a new role include:

  • Company relocation
  • A recent redundancy
  • An unsupportive Manager
  • A poor culture

It is important to note that all of the above motivation examples have one thing in common – they are all out with your control. If your motivation to seek a new role is because you feel undervalued/underpaid in your current position this article is for you.

All too often Payroll Talent have Payroll & HRIS Professionals sitting in front of us at admitting that they’ve made a mistake – they felt undervalued/underpaid, so they moved onto another position only to regret that decision shortly thereafter.

The question we always ask these candidates is:

“Did you make your Manager aware that you felt you were undervalued/underpaid before you started putting your resume onto the market”?

The answer, on almost all occasions, is ‘no’.

So, as a Payroll & HRIS Professional who feels undervalued/underpaid in their current position, what can you do?

It’s simple. Before you take your resume to the market to identify a new employer who will pay you what you feel you’re worth, put a business case together that will support your justifications for a salary review.

If you approach this the right way, you know you have done what you can to improve your current situation and can be satisfied that you are giving yourself and your employer every chance to reach a desired outcome!

If you find that your business case has fallen on deaf ears then at least, when you tender your resignation (and are probably hit with usual “we don’t want to lose you, what can we do” stuff) you can say:

“I already provided you with an opportunity to make some changes in order to retain my services. I’ve now identified an employer that is prepared to recognise me for what I currently offer, as well as in the future”.

Payroll Talent is a boutique recruitment company specialising in the recruitment of Payroll & HRIS Professionals. We take ‘professionals’ to Hiring Managers we have long-standing relationships with once we are convinced that they have explored ALL options with their current employer.

If you’d like our professional opinion simply give us a call or arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our Recruitment Professionals.

Payroll Talent – if there’s anything we can do for you, except babysit, just ask.

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